Louisiana Allergy & Asthma Specialists
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Nasal/sinus problems
Evaluation and management of both allergic and non-allergic
rhinitis, chronic and acute sinusitis


Diagnosis, full evaluation, and treatment of asthma

Medication allergy
Evaluation/management of medication reactions

Chronic cough
evaluation/management of chronic cough

Evaluation/management of urticaria

Atopic dermatitis(eczema)
Evaluation/management of certain forms of eczema

Chronic/frequent infections
Evaluation and management of individuals with recurrent/chronic infections, such as IgA Deficiency, Common Variable Immune Deficiency, and other primary immune deficiencies

Insect sting allergy
Evaluation/Management of reactions to stinging insects, such as wasps, fire ants, etc.

Food allergy
Evaluation and management of patients with food allergy

Allergy vaccines/desensitization
Allergy vaccines(shots) are administered, if appropriate, to patients as part of their treatment for allergic rhinitis(hayfever), asthma, and allergic conjuctivitis(eye allergy)

Immune Globulin "Gamma Globulin" treatment
Immune globulin treatment is arranged and managed for patients with primary immune deficiency

A new biologic agent which hinders the allergy antibody IgE is administered to patients deemed suitable for this new, exiting therapy.

Evaluation and management of severe allergic reactions-usually due to medications, insects, exercise, or foods

Asthma education
Comprehensive asthma education is offered, including (if appropriate) peak flow monitoring, asthma action plans, and ongoing education about asthma(as well as the other chronic allergy problems)